Our Offering

Solutions that fit.

Solutions that fit.

Our offering

Our goal, in collaboration with our clients, is to develop the optimal capital structure and raise the necessary funds from the ideal capital provider at the best possible terms. This saves time and money and ensures a professional, trustworthy and future-proof relationship with the new financing partner.

The success we achieve for our clients is based on decades of experience, the complementary qualifications within our team and our ability to think entrepreneurially and independently.

1. Analysis

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing capital structure
  • Development of goals and a basic target image
  • Identification of the required measures and process
  • Definition of implementation steps

2. Structuring

  • Conceptualization of the optimal financing structure considering tax, accounting, and ESG aspects
  • Creation of a financial model
  • Time and action plan
  • (Short) teaser/info memo
  • Anonymous market sounding
  • Assistance with ratings

3. Market Approach

  • Market sounding
  • Definition of list of invitees
  • Initiation of tender process via RFP, LOI, term sheet (indicative)
  • Communication with potential financing partners
  • Evaluation of indicative financing offers
  • Support with negotiation
  • Selection of financing partners

4. Execution

  • Monitoring and management of implementation steps
  • Optimization of financing terms and conditions
  • Negotiation of covenants and information requirements
  • Assessment of the final term sheet
  • Assistance during documentation process
  • Professional companionship until closing

5. Monitoring

  • Assistance with ensuring compliance with loan and security documentation
  • Monitoring of information and reporting obligations
  • Covenants monitoring
  • Periodic review of financing structure
  • Identification of refinancing potential

Increasing complexity and higher requirements offer the opportunity for financing and cost advantages, provided one acts competently and professionally.