Investment Strategy

The core idea strategy is the acquisition of medium- to long-term leased new or second life aircraft from Boeing (B737-800/900NG, B737MAX) and Airbus (A319/A320/A321/A220), Bombardier Q400 and/or Embraer (E190/195 and E190/E195 E2). Eligible lessees are second-tier, well-managed airlines based in Europe, North America and Asia, with a profitable passenger airline business. The agreement of corresponding leasing instalments and maintenance reserve payments as well as the guarantee of return conditions ensure that the aircraft can be remarketed promptly upon its return and at the same time the remaining senior financing can be repaid via the sales proceeds and additional upside can be lifted, or in a worst-case scenario at least the overall financing can be fully repaid. In order to ensure this, careful monitoring of relevant financial ratios and KPIs of the lessee as well as observing leading indicators that provide insight into the future solvency of the respective lessee (e.g. flight schedules, transfer connections, scheduling, hub/spoke structures, model pricing) are set and enhanced with close cooperation with Avinomics, based in Frankfurt am Main, an essential partner for many kinds of aviation finance business (for more information please see COOPERATION. The close technical monitoring of the assets as well as the lessees are thereby necessary and mandatory. We regard this form of asset management as one of the central value drivers and guarantors of success in the aviation industry. On the one hand, the risks of the asset class can be carefully managed and, on the other hand, this investment strategy creates add value of the aircraft.




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