Investment Process
  1. Market analysis/ identification of assets

    • Market analysis 
    • Technical development
    • Exchange of information with market observers with respect to portfolio adjustments
    • Observation of lease/rental developments
    • Contract analysis
    • Analysis of opportunities 
    • Hypothetical calculation 
    • Investor sounding
  2. Due diligence / asset purchase

    • Signing LOI 
    • Technical due diligence review of asset
    • Due diligence of lessee
    • Assessment of maintenance costs and valuation of maintenance reserves
    • Development/ negotiation and financing structure 
    • Negotiation of operative documents
    • Legal opinion
  3. Commercial/ technical monitoring

    • On-site visits for heavy checks
    • Review of utilization reports and maintenance reports
    • Review of aircraft documents
    • Coordination with regulatory authorities
    • Review of KPI‘s
    • Monitoring operational and technical reliability (AOL)
    • Continuous technical monitoring
  4. Watch-out buyer‘s universe

    • Ongoing reporting to investors and banks 
    • Establishment and maintenance of network of purchasers and potential future lessees 
    • If applicable, LOI for future purchase 
    • Preparation of return 
  5. Redelivery process/ Inspection

    • Review of return conditions and aircraft documents 
    • Inspection of maintenance condition and calculation of maintenance payments
    • Securing of deregistration and export approval 
    • Cancellation of liens/ release of security interests
  6. sale or leasing

    • Asset valuation
    • Securing compliance with ARC and given requirements by the aviation authorities
    • Completion of remarketing process including due diligence review of purchaser and delivery inspection 
    • If applicable, short shop visit in case of findings 
    • Test flight 
    • Delivery

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