Fields of Expertise
  1. Analytical work

    • Market analysis, overview of industry trends and developments on the manufacturer side and regionality 
    • Ongoing monitoring of lease market standards for relevant aircraft models and their commercial and legal implications as well as technical implications
    • Residual value, estimates and "total cost of ownership" monitoring 
    • Ongoing monitoring on airline industry and scoring 
    • Establishment and maintenance of the universe/network of sellers and purchasers of aircraft
  2. aircraft valuation

    • Valuation of aicraft in line with market requirements within the scope of due diligence reviews and their availability 
    • Technical reliability and commercial performance 
    • Identification of overdue technical maintenance (backlogs) 
    • Back-to-birth documentation (provided correctly and in full, in compliance with all requirements of the related aviation authorities)

  3. Fleet strategy and fleet planning

    •  Expertise know-how of airline business models as well as fleet and capacity planning  
    • Establishment and management of KPI’s of lessees in order to guarantee the predicted turnover and cash flow parameters as well as the asset quality 
    • "Best practice approach"  based on several decades of joint expertise in the aircraft industry
  4. contractual Aviation Expertise

    • Preparation and drafting of LOI’s for the acquisition/sale of aircraft
    • Preparation and negotiation of all transaction documents (purchase agreements, lease agreements, financing agreements and security agreements with regard to legal, commercial and technical aspects)
    • Negotiation conclusion and management of agreements with service providers: 
      •   Maintenance, repairing, upgrade of airframe and/or engines and/or other components
      •   Remarketing of the aircraft
      •   Ensuring of compliance with maintenance standards/specifications and return conditions
  5. Technical competence

    • Pre-delivery inspection of new aircraft 
    • Due diligence of used aircraft 
    • On-site project management during maintenance works 
    • Analysis and calculation of the maintenance reserves 
    • Quality audit with regard to technical management systems of the lessee 
    • Preparation of work packages as well as calculation, planning and monitoring of maintenance works / workscopes during the whole lifecycle of the individual aircraft 
    • Management of maintenance contracts and optimization of maintenance cycles in order to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time preserving the asset value 
    • Network of so-called qualified Maintenance & Repair Organizations (MROs) in order to organize for shop visits if necessary
  6. Maintenance and modification

    • Evaluation/assessment and optimization of the cabin configuration together with the operator      
    • Organization and monitoring of maintenance and modification works
  7. Monitoring of the lessee’s performance

    • Monitoring of KPI’s and relevenat financial ratios of the operational business 
    • Technical monitoring based on the utilization reports and maintenance reports 
    • Ensuring compliance with all official and contractual documentation requirements
  8. Structuring and financing of Aircraft Acquisitions

    • Expertise for legal and tax structuring 
    • Drafting and implementation of the financing structure on the equity, mezzanine and senior debt side
  9. Return and remarketing of Aircraft

    • Ensuring that the aircraft is returned in accordance with contract in order to guarantee a fast remarketing 
    • Separated remarketing of engines/APU, if necessary 
    • Realization of residual value at the end of the life cycle of the aircraft
  10. Occupancy/Seizure of Aircraft

    • Experience in the compulsory seizure of an aircraft and physical transfer to a place with unlimited access which usually implies a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process
  11. Aviation security, realiability and registration

    • Due diligence/evaluation of the operational and technical reliability of lessees to operate an aircraft
    • Registration and deregistration of aircraft in the aircraft register of the Federal Republic of Germany 
    • Registration and deregistration of registered liens in respect of an aircraft in the Federal Republic of Germany 
    • Registration and research in international registers 
    • Preservation and maintenance of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

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